Peyton Wuennenberg, 10 years old
B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
St. Louis Children’s Hospital

In March 2015, at the age of 9, Peyton first experienced the symptoms of her low risk pre B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. On the first morning of her family’s Spring Break trip to Seattle, Washington, Peyton complained of a sharp pain in her shoulder and became lethargic, fatigued, and had no appetite. Upon returning home, Peyton’s Mom, Kelly, knew that something wasn’t right with her daughter. Peyton was still experiencing fatigue, loss of appetite, fever and shoulder pain. After numerous visits and conversations with her pediatrician and an infectious disease doctor and three sets of lab work, Peyton was admitted to the hospital under the assumption she might have a tick-borne illness. On April 17th, pathology concluded that Peyton had leukemia and pneumonia.

After hearing the diagnoses, Peyton’s parents, Kelly and Steve, immediately requested Peyton be transferred to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, it was confirmed Peyton had low risk pre B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Peyton began her treatment as an in-patient for four weeks at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Her treatment consisted of high doses of steroids and chemotherapy. Peyton become a temporary diabetic during her treatment plan and had to test her own blood sugar multiple times a day for three plus weeks. Mommy, who is paranoid of everything in the medical world, even became brave enough to administer Peyton’s insulin injections after each meal.

Twenty-eight days after Peyton was admitted into the hospital for treatment her bone marrow biopsy was sent to a lab in Seattle (oh the irony. . . Seattle is where we were when the symptoms began).  The results indicated Peyton had  zero leukemia cells. Peyton was in remission!  Peyton will continue her treatment protocol for two more years making visits to the outpatient clinic monthly for treatment and spinal taps every three months. She takes medicine at home nightly, including monthly steroid doses.

Peyton loves amusement parks, singing, ice skating, dancing and acting. She has danced with the American Dance Troupe since August 2014 and has been onstage with Over Due Theatre Company, Stray Pups, and Ignite Theatre Company for several productions. Her favorite role was playing Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka because she got to blow up into a huge blueberry on stage while singing. Peyton thrives in front of a live audience.  Her favorite memory of 2012 was when she (6 years old), walked for Ola Style in Kansas City Fashion Week.

Peyton’s favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, and Rachel Platten. She enjoys spending time with her little sister Taylor and watching her play hockey for the St. Louis Lady Cyclones. Peyton aspires to eventually join Taylor on the ice and become a Lady Cyclone.