2007 Miracle Ambassador

Joshua Nelson
Age 18 - Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center

As a baby, Josh did not have an easy beginning.  Born in January 1996 with kidney disease, Josh had his first operation and first dialysis treatment when he was just four days old. At only 10 days old, he had a stroke and stopped breathing for a brief period of time, landing him back in the hospital for another month.  Josh “got better” from about three to six years old, but shortly after was forced to go back on dialysis. In 2004 when he was seven years old, he received a kidney transplant, receiving one of his mother's kidneys. Leading up to the kidney transplant, Josh underwent countless operations and spent many nights on dialysis from 7pm to 7am.  Being at a point where he could have the kidney transplant was a dream come true.

Josh is now a senior in high school. Unfortunately, he is currently in rejection. Despite his struggles, he maintains a positive outlook.


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