2014 Missouri Champions

Audrey - Age 13 & Ethan - Age 16

Congratulations to Ethan & Audrey Koch for being named the 2014 Missouri Champions! The Champions program honors remarkable children who serve as ambassadors for their hospitals.

The Koch family has been on a medical journey with their daughter Audrey since she was born in 2000. She was born with several heart defects, which led them to St. Louis Children's Hospital for 4 heart surgeries. Her cardiologist, Dr. Huddleston, moved to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, which now makes Audrey a patient treated by both Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in St. Louis. While Audrey was serving as our Miracle Ambassador in 2011, her brother Ethan started to complain of headaches. The doctor sent them to St. Louis Children's Hospital (the same hospital that saved his sister’s life) where he was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Ethan began treatment immediately and was placed on the “high risk” arm of the protocol due to his age and amount of disease at diagnosis. Three months later, it was determined that Ethan had achieved remission, which was a huge milestone in his journey. Ethan began the three-year maintenance phase of the protocol in July of 2012. Ethan feels as though he is getting his life back and continues to amaze his doctors with his progress and wonderful attitude.

Thank you, Koch family, for sharing your remarkable stories with us!