Natalie's Story

When Natalie was adopted at 15 months old, her parents were told she most likely had a heart condition which made her adoption a special needs case. Upon arriving in the US, and taking Natalie to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, they learned how unique Natalie truly is.

While diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP), her condition is so rare, no doctor had ever seen someone survive never less thrive. Having been exposed to Carbon Monoxide as an infant, Natalie’s diagnoses is categorize as Cerebral Palsy because physically that is what it looks like but unlike most CP where damage is typically on the outside of the brain Natalie’s is in the center..

Natalie doesn’t let her wheelchair or the fact she uses a communication device stop her. She is strong willed and determined. She has a passion for sports and can been found most Sundays watching football (she can tell you all Tom Brady’s stats) as well as swimming and basketball.

How CMN Funds Help Natalie

Natalie attends Camp Independence annually, which is a sports camp designed for kids with CP, that is funded in part by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis. Since starting at Camp Independence, Natalie has gained self-confidence, learned how to adapt sports to fit her needs and accomplished many tasks children’ with CP are often told they cannot do.