Michael has been "on the go" all of his life!  After months of preterm labor, Michael was born 3.5 weeks early in March 2005.  While he was a very happy and content baby, he wasn't meeting all of his developmental milestones in a timely fashion.  Michael began receiving occupational and physical therapy services as a toddler and had many physician consultations that left the family with more questions than answers. The list of possible diagnoses became as long as the list of Michael's social and academic struggles.

In 2012, we requested an evaluation at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital's Knights of Columbus Developmental Center.  We finally found a team that was patient and thorough enough to piece together all of Michael's previous diagnoses and set a plan in motion for behavioral and social skills therapies.  After working with the developmental pediatrician and a psychologist, Michael was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Had it not been for the genuine care and concern of the entire Knights of Columbus team, the family would still be searching for answers. Michael is growing more confident each day, utilizing social skills to initiate and maintain conversations with his peers.

Michael loves to play video games and browse the car lots with his Dad.  He enjoys playing sports with his friends at TASK, and he loves riding "Dakota" during equine therapy.