Age 7
Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)
SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital

One thing that never seems to leave Kennedy is her smile. She always has a smile on her face even when she is spending her day at Cardinal Glennon getting her weekly transfusion.

“My kidney’s don’t work right” is the simple answer Kennedy gives when people ask her why she spends so much time at the hospital. Diagnosed with a kidney disease in March 2015 was the start of Kennedy’s journey. In January 2016 Kennedy was diagnosed with FSGS, a rare kidney disease which typically results in progressive kidney failure that leads to dialysis and then transplant.

Kennedy doesn’t let her condition get her down. While she does have to monitor her water and sodium intake, that doesn’t slow her down from doing the things she loves. Her big smile and infectious laugh light up any room.

Kennedy is a huge fan of the British rock band, Coldplay. She got to see them live in concert in July 2016 which she says was “awesome”. She also loves to read and wants to share her passion for reading with kids in the hospital. She has collected over 200 books for Cardinal Glennon to give to kids in the hospital.


CMN Hospital Funds in Action

CMN Hospitals funds in part fund the Costas Center where Kennedy receives weekly infusions. The newly designed clinic creates and provides a friendly environment that welcomes and distracts kids.