Age 5
Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Every December, Brayden celebrates his re-birthday. The day he received his bone marrow transplant. It’s a day Brayden and his family celebrate how grateful they are that Brayden is now cancer free.

Brayden spent 130 days at St. Louis Children’s Hospital receiving chemotherapy and having a bone marrow transplant. Brayden says he remembers asking for french fries after he woke from being sedated for five weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, but he says his doctor told him he had to start with a popsicle. Later that week he got his fries!

While Brayden is a little shy when he first meets people, he is an energetic and happy kid that loves to laugh. With treatment behind him and in remission, Brayden celebrates life every day.

Brayden’s favorite thing to do is ride his motorcycle and play outside with his best friend, his grandfather. Get him talking about his adventures riding and he comes out of his shell.


CMN Hospital Funds in Action

CMN Hospitals funds support the child life department, which proves kids like Brayden emotional and developmental support as well as distraction tools.