Coarctation of the Aorta
St.Louis Children’s Hospital


Though born healthy, Walker spent his first few days of life at St. Louis Children’s Hospital where his sister Roxie was being diagnosed and getting treatment for cancer.

At a week old, Walker, while on the oncology floor at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, started to become listless and began struggling to breathe. Knowing something was wrong, Walker was rushed down to the ER where doctors spent the next two hours stabilizing him and discovering he had a heart problem. His heart wasn’t able to get good blood to his body.

Walker’s parents spent the next few weeks going between the NICU where Walker was recovering and the 9th floor where Roxie was getting treatments. Walker has no sign of his dramatic start to life except his scar. He has a big personality and when he walks into the room he makes sure he is heard! Always smiling, Walker is a great kid with a huge (healthy) heart.

CMN Hospitals Funds in Action:  CMN Hospitals funds helps supports the NICU where Walker spent the first few weeks of his life recovering from his open heart surgery.