High Risk Neuroblasoma
St. Louis Children’s Hospital

When Roxie’s pediatrician noticed her kidney’s protruding from her back he sent her to St. Louis Children’s hospital.

Roxie had been running low grade fevers for weeks but x-rays and tests kept coming back normal. It was at her newborn baby brothers well baby checkup that it was evident something was wrong. Over the next week, Roxie was diagnosed with Nueroblastoma.

After months of chemotherapy treatments and a bone morrow transplant, Roxie is NED (no evidence of disease).

Roxie is a happy little girl who loves to play the violin, cook, and dance. Her zest for life is evident when you talk to her. She has a passion for wanting to help kids like her.

In 2017, Roxie was named the Ace Hardware All-Star.

CMN Hospitals Funds in Action:  CMN Hospitals funds support the medical transport team that helped get Roxie to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. CMN also supports the siblings play room where Roxie’s siblings played when mom and dad needed to be at Roxie’s side during medical treatments.