Leggs-Calves-Perthes Disease
St. Louis Children’s Hospital

At the age of four, Mackenzie began to dream of becoming a ballerina after taking a dance class. Soon after that class, Mackenzie was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease which halted her dreams of dancing.

Mackenzie went through months of treatments to heal her hip and ensure mobility. To protect her fragile bones, she was wheelchair bound and limited on moving. Her mom had to attend school with her because she had a cast from the waist down. Overtime her bones healed and Mackenzie was able to walk for the first time at her kindergarten graduation.

Mackenzie starting dancing again soon after while on vacation with her family to “Brick House” by The Commodores and has stopped since!

Today, Mackenzie has a long for musical theatre and a passion for helping kids. She and her family created Firetruck-O-Toys which deliveries toys to kids in the hospital over the holidays.