Transposition of Great Arteries, pulmonary stenosis and ventricular septal defect
St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Today the best way to describe Audrey would be athletic, but when she was born that didn’t seem likely.

Noticing her heart beat was not normal, a nurse recommended a pediatric cardiologist listen to Audrey’s heart before she was to go home from the hospital. At 6 weeks old, Audrey had her first of many heart surgeries to fix her heart defects. The gifted doctors at Children’s found a “creative” way to patch her heart which has allowed Audrey to live a normal life.

Audrey hasn’t let her heart defects stop her from doing what she loves - sports. She loves to play softball, does gymnastics and sings in the choir. While Audrey might have to have surgery again later in life, it’s a testament to the doctors and the amazing work they do that has allowed Audrey to be so active and do what she loves.

CMN Hospitals Funds in Action:  CMN Hospitals funds support the NICU where Audrey stayed during her diagnoses.